The Divine Life Society
Afdeling Aalst


Raama bhajo Raama bhajo Raama bhajojie
Raama Krishna Govinda Gopaala bhajo jie

O Traveller on earth! Speed up, speed up thy pace,
For many are the pitfalls to impede thy race.
The distance is long, very rough is thy road,
Thy Strength will fast fail thee, yet heavy thy load.

Harken, traveller! to these golden precepts,
The Essence of Wisdom of ancient adepts.
In twenty short maxims I'll tell thee the way,
To true Bliss and Freedom from Mayaic sway.

Wake up at four a.m., Brahmamuhurta,
Filled with vibrations of Sattva and Truth,
Sit in Sukha, Siddha or Padmasana,
Meditate on God and do Brahmachintana.

The most holy Name of the Lord do repeat,
To destroy delusion and to Satan defeat,
Rotating the rosary of hundred-eight beads,
To Bliss and Perfection this Japa Yoga leads.

In meditation-room with divine vibration,
Take firm, erect pose, practise concentration,
Chant Slokas sublime full with inspiration,
Advance through Dhyaana to Supreme Salvation.

A select few Yogaasanas without fail do,
A few rounds of vigorous Praanaayaama too,
Health, strength, harmony, will to you accrue,
From such exercises, I assure you.

Elevating scriptures of all religions great,
Study revelations that sages narrate;
Raamaayana, Gitaa and Bhaagavata its mate,
Will all purify thee, to Sattva elevate.

Observe a period of silence each day,
Such Mauna the tumult of Rajas will slay;
Speak little, speak sweetly whatever you say,
On firm base of TRUTH thy life's foundation lay.

To 've rigid control over palate do try,
In discipline of diet does true success lie;
Through fasting both body and mind purify,
By restraint of tongue all base passions will die.

Reduce thy wants and learn plainly to live,
To the poor and needy in charity give,
't is a veritable curse and a constant worry,
To possess more wealth than is necessary.

Guard with great care precious vitality,
In thought, word and deed observe strict purity,
Continence is the basis of spirituality,
Leading to Bliss and Immortality.

Never give way to an angry outburst,
For anger is modified passion and lust.
Wisely over anger do victory gain,
By love and forgiveness 't is finally slain.

Think daily of God and to Him surrender,
To Him thy whole-hearted allegiance render.
Cutting the Maayaaic heart-knot asunder,
He 'll raise thee to high heights of Aatmic Splendour.

Always on thyself in all things rely,
By Purushaartha you can Praarabdha defy;
To stick to righteousness and Svadharma try,
To twin-steeds of Yama-Niyama life's chariot tie.

Always associate with the good and the wise,
They 'll help you from Samsaara to Moksha to rise.
The Power of Satsanga will life spiritualise
And quickly will make you life's Goal realise.

Of spiritual practices a diary maintain,
The detailed items of Saadhanaa 't will contain.
Have regular routine, thereby greatly you'll gain,
An insight and idea of progress obtain.

The motives hidden of thy day to day deeds,
Ungodly traits and of passion the seeds.
Search and remove as the gardener the weeds,
Such self-search to success in Saadhanaa leads.

Cling with firmness to these canons divine,
They 're most precious gems out of Wisdom's deep mine.
The Essence of Saadhanaa they nicely combine,
Practise! as dynamic Yogi you 'll shine!