The Divine Life Society
Afdeling Aalst



Raama bhajo Raama bhajo Raama bhajoji
Raama Krishna Govinda Gopaala bhajoji

You have come during X'mas to do rigorous saadhanaa,
Do not think of vegetables and hot pakkoda.

You have come during saadhanaa week to practise Yoga,
Do not think of milk, fruits and dahi-vada.

You have come to Rishikesh to practise Yogaabhyaasa,
Do not think of chapati and chutney parota.

You have come to Rishikesh to do tapascharya,
Do not think of laddoe, peda, garama garam jilebi.

Are you not ashamed to repeat the same sensuous life?
Learn lessons from the lower animal kingdom.

Enough, enough, enough, enough of eating drinking,
Wake up, wake up, wake up without winking.

Enough, enough, enough, enough of idle gossiping,
Enough, enough, enough of reading novels, newspapers.


Be very punctual in attending meetings and classes,
Punctuality alone will give you success and prosperity.

Time is fleeting, time is precious, time is all wealth,
Utilise every second in spiritual saadhanaa.

Do not think of good food and comforts for the body,
Be up and doing in japa, kiertan and meditation.

Friends! You are roasted in the fire of this samsaara,
Take a dip in the triveni within during meditation.

Soekka roekka thoda khake, aasan me baito,
Hari smaro Hari japo, Hari dhyaan karo.

Try to rise up in the ladder of Yoga step by step,
You will soon reach the summit of nirvikalpa samaadhi.

This is the goal, this is your ideal, this is your centre,
Here alone you will find Eternal Bliss and Peace.


Many cows died this year, there is no milk,
Try to drink the Ganges water and be happy.

Come back to nature even by virtue of necessity,
Try to take tea without milk and be happy.

You cannot get even atta, dhal, there is control of food,
The price of all foodstuffs has risen considerably high.

There is severe calamity throughout the length and breadth of land,
Let us pray to God now for the peace of this world.

OM Tat Sat, OM Tat Sat, OM Tat Sat OM,
OM Shaanti, OM Shaanti, OM Shaanti OM.

Hari OM Tat Sat, Shri OM Tat Sat, Siva OM Tat Sat OM.