The Divine Life Society
Afdeling Aalst


Sietaa Raam Sietaa Raam Sietaa Raam bol
Raadhe Shyaam Raadhe Shyaam Raadhe Shyaam bol

Name of the Lord gives immense bliss,
All great sins in a moment vanish,
Untie the bundle of your sins.

Name of Prabhoe liberated Ahalyaa,
Bheelni became dear by devotion,
Invaluable is glory of Name.

Ganika was liberated by teaching the parrot,
The great Rakshasas were slain one and all,
All sinners were freed, counted and weighed.

All who surrendered to Him were freed
And taken across the ocean of samsaar,
It costs you nothing to repeat His Name.

Moksha cannot be had without bhajan of Raam,
Why are you wasting this pearl-like life in vain?
Drink deep the nectar of Raamnaam.

Always remember Hari, the disc-bearer,
Absolute bliss that gives liberation,
Ever weigh the scales of Krishna's Name.